Warehousing services

"ON-TIME SHIPPING" ensures prompt delivery of your cargoes by placing them in warehouses located in various points around the world. Our warehousing services significantly reduce your expenses while efficiently enhancing the productivity of your assets.

"ON-TIME SHIPPING" company meets all customer requirements with warehousing services. With the help of modern technologies, we maximize the distribution and storage capabilities of our partners in different parts of the world. Your cargo is always safe with our reliable and safe storage facilities.

We offer our services to you in an agile, cost-effective, and competitive environment:

  • Storage of standard and hazardous cargoes

  • Inventory management of goods

  • Palletizing and wrapping

  • Custom packaging, documentation, and labeling

Main Advantages


Sea Freight

fordable and Environmentally friendly

Sea transportation is considered the most cost-effective mode of transportation for heavy and large-volume cargoes that are not time-sensitive. It is also the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation among all transportation types.

Road Freight

Accessible and Express

The biggest advantage of road transportation in the logistics industry is its ability to offer door-to-door services from point of origin to destination or from warehouse to warehouse. For short-distance areas where rail, air, or sea transportation is not feasible, road transportation is the fastest and most optimal solution.

Rail Freight

Punctual and Stable

Unlike other formes of transportation, rail transportation operates according to a predetermined schedule, regardless of weather conditions in most cases, with rare occurrences of delays, congestion, or waiting. Therefore, rail transportation is considered the most punctual mode of transportation. It is also more stable in terms of pricing compared to road transportation, as it consumes less fuel.

Air Freight

Fast and Secure

Compared to other modes of transportation, air transportation is the fastest method. Reduced risk of damage: Since goods spend less time on the road during transportation, the risk of damage to the cargo is significantly reduced.

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